About GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance

GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance is a Racing Team/Performance Product Company that I began to form in early August of 2003. I figured, why not start a Performance Company and Racing Team FOR Gyrls, BY Gyrls who love Cars and how they operate. There are tons of Performance Companies and Racing Teams out there, but the difference is that they include very few if any women at all. It's time for the idea to change that we can only lay across the front of the hood or stand next to a car in 4 inch heels. GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance is here to start changing those ideas!

My homebase is in Philadelphia, where I have lived all of my life and seen so many different cultures, people and ways of life on a daily basis. This is the perfect place to begin and continue because over the last ten years I have seen a tremendous increase in the Import and Domestic Performance and Mod Scene.

I will not only begin to develop and design products for our cars but also set up events and promotions to let everyone know that the Gyrls of GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance have ARRIVED!!!!!

One of my main focuses will be designing and developing products for less focused on cars, but at the same time developing Universal and Vehicle Specific Products for my Gyrls that drive Hondas, Mitsubishis, Chevys, Dodges, and so on.

Philadelphia is thought of last when it comes to Performance, Production, Distribution and other Car related areas, but when I get on the map, Philadelphia will be one of the first places to look for New and Innovative products.

I'm here to put GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance on the map and if you feel that this is something that you would like to be a part of, feel free to e-mail me any and all questions or comments that you may have.

My homebase is in Philly, but anyone in areas outside of Philadelphia in other parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey are welcome. If you live somewhere else and you can get here, I'm here!


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