GyrlSpeed Racing Team Buy-Ins

I decided to set up a Buy-Ins page mainly for those vehicles who no not currently have alot of products available for their vehicles or which those vehicles whos products are no longer made. It can also be used when more than 5 people would like to buy the same product as a group. Here you will find out what you need to get started along with what the process is and how everything works.

What is a buy-in?
A buy-in is a process that a company or entity(not a ghost), sets up in order to have a manufacturer or entity produce parts for them that are not currently available. Usually 20 people or more are needed to get the process rolling. This shows the company or entity that we are serious about getting the work completed by them. Once the business has the 20 or more people necessary, then a mold or start-up fee will be required. This mold or start-up fee will vary in price according to what the part is that's being molded or produced. From there, the company will mold or produce the item(s) and send it to the business for approval. Once approved, the business will send the item(s) out that have been ordered and the buy-in is complete. If this is a product that has been in production before, it will not need to be approved. Similar to this is a Group Buy. With this type of Buy-In, a group of people of sometimes as little as 5 can buy a specific item and receive a group discount. The process is pretty much the same EXCEPT that there will be no mold fee since the product is already available.

Now that you know the buy-in process itself, I'm sure you would like to know how I can set up one for you. Here is my process:

1. You must complete the Buy-Ins Form below or email me at: with what item(s) your group wants to start a buy-in or group buy for and the name of the online car forum you belong to.

2. I will double check to make sure those items are not still available. If they are not available, I will reply to your email letting you know that I will sign up to the SAME car forum you and those wanting the parts belong to. I will start a NEW thread so that those who are interested can post and I will add their names to the list. All of the buy-in details will be listed in the first post as well as all of those who are signed up. ALL correspondence will be listed in that thread EXCEPT for personal and payment information. It is possible that this buy-in could go on for an extended amount of time due to people changing their minds or people being added at the last minute. After a reasonable amount of time, if enough people are not included, I may put the buy-in on hold until more interest is acquired. This DOES NOT mean the buy-in is cancelled, just timed out until more people are interested.

3. Once the set amount of people is reached, I will then request that the mold or start-up fee be paid. In certain situations, this mold or start-up fee DOES NOT cover the entire price but is required to show that you are serious about having the item(s) produced and/or purchased. This mold fee will vary in price BUT will be subtracted from the overall price of the part being purchased. If this is a group buy, I will request the total amount due or 1st payment.

4. Once I have received the test product and approved the item IF item is being produced/reproduced, I will then post photos on the forum for those involved to see the final product. Once this is completed, I will then request that payments be made in order to begin the production of the item(s). This payment may be one or more payments depending on the cost of the item(s) being produced and/or purchased. Please note that once the production of the item has started OR purchase order placed, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS GRANTED. If you are no longer interested in the item at this point, you must post and email or PM me letting me know the situation. Then, it is your responsibility to find someone to replace you in the buy-in. That means that they will pay you what you have put into the buy-in thus far. Once you find a replacement, you must email or PM me their general info and they must also email or PM me stating they wish to take your place in the buy-in. If this is not done, you will FOREFIT, meaning LOSE, any and all monies you have put into this buy-in up to that point.

5. After all items have been produced and received by me, I will again verify shipping information for all those involved and begin shipping out the items accordingly.

Payments are ONLY accepted through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you must set up one on their website, found HERE. I have found that this is the best way to accept payments as everyone is protected and if problems arise, it is easier to refund payments with their system.

Here are some examples of a past Buy-Ins that I worked on at the SixthSphere website:

  • Vehicle: Saturn S-Series (All years)
  • Part: Progress Sport Springs (Loweres vehicle 1.8 in. front and rear)
  • Company: Progress Auto
  • Forum: SixthSphere
  • Link To Buy-In: xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Price of Item: $230.00 Shipped
  • Shipping: Included in pricing
  • Turn Around Time: 4 weeks plus 1 week for shipping

  • Vehicle: Saturn S-Series (All years)
  • Part: Progress 19mm Rear Adjustable Sway Bar (3-way adjustable)
  • Company: Progress Auto
  • Forum: SixthSphere
  • Link To Buy-In: xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Price of Item: $150.00 Shipped
  • Shipping: Included in pricing
  • Turn Around Time: 4 weeks plus 1 week for shipping


  • Buy-Ins FAQ:
  • Q: How long does a Buy-In take?
  • A: It really depends on how fast people sign up and show interest. The longer it takes in the beginning, the longer it takes to get the final product.
  • Q: How is the final cost agreed to?
  • A: Final cost will be posted once all of the member agree on amount.
  • Q: I'm all paid up, why don't I have any product?
  • A: Eventhough you have paid your fees, you still must wait for everyone to pay their part so that one main payment is sent in.
  • Q: Why is a mold or start-up fee non-refundable?
  • A: It is non-refundable because the company has started the process, therefore they have done what we have asked so far. For example, if you wanted your car painted and they started prepping and primed it, then you said you don't want them to paint it...they have to be paid for the work they've already done.
  • Q: Why don't you pay the mold or start up fee?
  • A: To be honest, no one wants a bad investment and if I have put up $2500 to start a project and everyone backs out, I've lost $2500! So by everyone paying a part of the fee (including me), it shows that we are all serious about getting the finished product(s).

Please note that the email address you provide will ONLY be used to communicate for the purpose of your request.

If you still have questions about my buy-in process, you may Contact me through the CHAT link above, email me at: or on AIM at: GyrlSpeed. Please DO NOT fill out the Buy-In form above until you are ready to get a Buy-In started. It is NOT to be used for general questions. You can use the Contact Me form found HERE.


Buy-Ins Disclaimer: GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance, in part or as a whole, is NOT resonsible for the manufacturing, production or warranty of ANY items produced during these buy-ins. That process is handled by the manufacturer or entity that is producing the item(s). GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance is simply a connection between said manufacturer or entity and buy-in participants. If you have any questions about this Disclaimer, please send an e-mail to GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance at: , Subject: Buy-Ins Disclaimer.