GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance Divisions

This is a basic rundown of the current Divisions that GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance is broken up in to. As I grow, so will the Divisions and areas of the Aftermarket world and beyond, that I will be involved in.

GyrlSpeed Racing Team:
This is the Racing Team Division. The noticeable difference with this racing team is that Women will be racing, taking part in repairing, tuning and modding their own cars. I will be focusing on numerous vehicles, especially those with a limited aftermarket. There will definitely be a base of various makes and models across the board to represent all the styles and ideas that are out there.

GyrlSpeed Performance:
This division will be composed of Women designing, developing and testing innovative performance products for Interior and Exterior modifications. Engine Upgrades, Brake and Air Intake products will come at a later date as well as Universal Applications.

GyrlSpeed Bodies:
Apparel Division starting with simple logo tees and caps. Once a base is set, I will then begin to develop racing gear such as gloves, jackets and race suits. All products will not just be for racing use...we want to look good out of the cars too!

GyrlSpeed Gyrls:
Modeling Division with the twist being that the models who are in the photos with the cars that are part of GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance will actually be the drivers of the cars or affiliated with GyrlSpeed in some other way such as Designers or Developers. The photos will be classy yet sexy and fun but NOT degrading as are a lot of photos that pair cars and women.

GyrlSpeed Media:
This is the division that will produce all the Videos, TV Spots, Commercials and Movies dealing with the Aftermarket Performance Parts World as well as women who have made a mark in the Automotive world as a whole.

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