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Tip Of The Month:
Do you know what color your car is? Silver you say? Okay, now what silver is it? Just Silver? Noooo! You car has a specific paint code and you NEED to know that if you truly want a perfect match. I have to tell people all the time that there are 50 different shades of each color. This blue might be lighter than that blue or this red has a touch of pearl. Make sure you know what the name of your paint is...otherwise known as the paint code. Where you can find it on your vehicle varies so do a quick search online or even check that thing in the glove box called an owners's manual. For example, the color of my car is called Blackberry. Blackberry is not black, it's a dark purple...see, now you get it, right? Hope that helps!

Heating System and Radiator Leaks:
I want to focus on the heating system for this topic. Let's touch on a few things that you need to know to keep your system running properly.

First and foremost, you NEED to know what type of Coolant/Antifreeze that your car uses. Putting in the wrong fluid can do a number on your system and it's compnents.







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