GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance Warranty Info:
Here you will find the Warranty information offered for Products MANUFACTURED BY or PRODUCED FOR GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance. Please read and understand these warranties BEFORE placing an order.

Wheel Vinyl Warranty:
The Warranty for Vinyl Graphics is 14 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF DELIVERY. Improper install and living in EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS is NOT covered underneath this warranty. Improper care of the vinyl graphics also voids warranty. You should not use a scrub brush on the graphics or any type of degreaser/harsh chemicals on the graphics. You should treat the vinyl just like it is part of your vehicle in order for them to last as long as possible(standard wash and wax).

T-Shirt/Clothing Warranty:
The Warranty for T-shirts/Clothing is 14 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF DELIVERY. Improper washing of t-shirts/clothing voids warranty. Ironing of the lettering, icons, photo or anything else printed on the t-shirt/clothing VOIDS ANY AND ALL WARRANTY! It is recommended to wash the t-shirt/clothing INSIDE OUT, in COLD WATER. If you are not able to hang dry, then placing in a low temp dryer is recommended.

Lugnut Warranty:
The Warranty for GSRT Lugnuts is 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. Regular wear and tear, improper installation or user error is NOT covered underneath this warranty. Please keep in mind that trying to install the wrong size lugnuts can SEVERLY DAMAGE your studs and is not covered by this warranty. GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance in part or as a whole is NOT responsible for any damage when installing these lugnuts with an impact gun and/or not in a professional establishment. It is NOT recommended to install these lugnuts with an impact gun as they cannot be set to a specific wheel torque. It is also NOT recommended to use an impact gun to install these lugnuts as they can be OVERTIGHTENED, therefore causing the stud(s) to SNAP immediately or soon after OR the risk of crossthreading. It is recommended to have a professional shop install these as they can torque them with a torque stick and/or torque wrench with the specific torque for your wheels.